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John Deere Gator UXV/XUV/HPX Adapter Plate

John Deere Gator UXV/XUV/HPX Adapter Plate

Part # 10136

For Use with the Permanent Floor Mount (Part # 10083) in the center cab floor of a John Deere Gator UXV & XUVs.  Locate adapter plate over drive shaft tunnel and drill four mounting holes thru steel floor of UTV.  Includes mounting hardware and instructions.  Picture above shows the adapter plate in a 2008-2012 John Deere Gator.

Need more storage?  See our new Kooler-Bags that mount to all of our adapter plates!




The Compact Floor Mount Gun Holder can be assembled to hold guns in the traditional front to rear position (as shown on the right) or it can be reconfigured with the hooks on one side repositioned to allow placement and removal of guns side to side (as shown on the left) within your UTV! Mounting the gun holder as shown in the left hand photo works well for scoped rifles!

2011 and Up John Deer Adapter Plate

Picture above shows adapter plate in 2011 - Up John Deer Gator UXV.

 Was $41.95
 Sale!  $19.98
SKU: 10170-2013 UP JD RSX
10170-2013 UP JD RSX
Quantity: 22

 Only  $41.95
SKU: 10136
John Deere Gator UXV Adapter Plate

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