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 X  X Swivel Front Wheel with Lock Forward Lever
 X  X  1" Diameter Steel Frame Tubing
 X  X  1.7 Cubic Feet of Storage
 X  X  Two Rear Pockets
 X  X  US made gun holders with soft Neoprene rubber
 X  X  Hand Towel
 X  X  Six front compartments for carrying long guns either muzzle up or muzzle down
 X  X  Two Drink Holders
 X  X  Folding Interior Shelf
 X  X  Chrome Plated Steel Wheels
 X  X  Flat Free Tires
 X  X  Adjustable Handlebar
 X  X  Ammo Reloading Tray
   X  Protective Cover
 X  X  Accessory Bag
   X  6-Can Cooler


**Navy, Burgundy, and Green Colors are currently out of stock until Fall. Accepting backorders at this time**

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